• Glyceryl monostearate CAS#: 31566-31-1

    Glyceryl monostearate has also been used in a novel fluidized hot-melt granulation technique for the production of granules and tablets. Glyceryl monostearate is a lubricant for tablet manufacturing and may be used to form sustained-release matrices for solid dosage forms.

  • The determination of sorbitan monostearate in cake mixes and ...

    Abstract. A method has been developed for the determination of sorbitan monostearate (SPAN 60 ®, Atlas Chemical Industries, Inc.) in cake and cake mixes.The method involves extraction of sorbitan monostearate from the sample, partial purification of the extract by silica gel chromatography, recovery of the extract polyol and analysis by either gas or paper chromatographic procedures.

  • Applications and Uses of Glycerol monostearate

    Glycerol monostearate E471 (MONO AND DI GLYCERIDES OF FATTY ACIDS) is an food emulsifier can be used in ice cream, whipped cream, bread, based systems, frozen desserts, shortenings, hard butters, beverages, ice cream, edible oils and fats, dairy products, skin and haircare products.

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  • CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

    Sorbitol anhydride esters: A mixture consisting of sorbitan monostearate as defined in 172.842 of this chapter; polysorbate 60 ((polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monostearate)) as defined in 172.836 of this chapter; and polysorbate 20 ((polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monolaurate)), meeting the specifications of the Food Chemicals Codex, pp. 825-827.

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  • Glycerol monostearate - Wikipedia

    Glycerol monostearate, commonly known as GMS, is a monoglyceride commonly used as an emulsifier in foods. It takes the form of a white, odorless, and sweet-tasting flaky powder that is hygroscopic. Chemically it is the glycerol ester of stearic acid.

  • (2R,3R,4R,5S)-Hexane-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexol;octadecanoic acid ...

    (2R,3R,4R,5S)-Hexane-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexol;octadecanoic acid | C24H50O8 | CID 86736698 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification ...

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    ANHYDRIDES O F THE PENTITOLS AND HEXITOLS 213 The simultaneous preparation of both isosorbide and isomannide from sucrose has been achievedSs7 This process entailed the hydrogenation of sucrose to a mixture of D-mannitol and D-sorbitol and the subjection of this mixture to dehydration in the presence of acid catalysts followed by fractional ...

  • US3320208A - Oxyalkylated cyclic resins - Google Patents

    Nonlimiting examples of the esters contemplated herein are sorbitol anhydride monolaurate, sorbitol anhydride monomyristate, sorbitol anhydride monopalrnitate, sorbitol anhydride monostearate, sorbitel anhydride monooleate, sorbitol anhydride monolinoleate, and polyoxyethylene derivatives of the foregoing monoesters.

  • US3244534A - Emulsification agents - Google Patents

    Polyoxyethylene (n) sorbitan monostearate is a complex mixture of polyoxyethylene ethers of mixed partial stearic esters of sorbitol anhydride. The (n) refers to the average number of polyoxyethylene groups present per mole of the composition, and may range from 1 to or more, although usually it will range between about 10 and 30.

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    High elastic polymer microsphere (H-EPM) used in this work was supplied by Dagang Oilfield (China). The formula of low elastic preformed particle gel (L-PPG) was the aqueous solution formula of L-EPM. The storage modulus of L-EPM, H-EPM and L-PPG was 23.6 Pa, 19.9 Pa and 407 Pa respectively, which was shown in Fig. 6.

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    Sorbitan is a mixture of isomeric organic compounds derived from the dehydration of sorbitol and is an intermediate in the conversion of sorbitol to isosorbide. Sorbitan is primarily used in the production of surfactants such as polysorbates; which are important emulsifying agents, with a total annual demand of more than 10000 tons in 2012.

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    It is used for vitamin-C fermentation. It is used as a excipient and intravenous osmotic diuretic in pharmaceutical fields. It is also used in the manufacture of polyethers for polyurethanes and surfactants. The term sorbitan describes the anhydride form of sorbitol, whose fatty acids are lipophilic whereas sorbitol body is hydrophilic.

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    Sorbitan monostearate is primarily used as an emulsifier to keep water and oils mixed. Sorbitan monostearate is used in the manufacture of food and healthcare products and is a non-ionic surfactant with emulsifying, dispersing, and wetting properties [citation needed].

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    » Glyceryl Monostearate contains not less than 90.0 percent of monoglycerides of saturated fatty acids, chiefly glyceryl monostearate (C 21 H 42 O 4) and glyceryl monopalmitate (C 19 H 38 O 4). It may contain a suitable antioxidant.

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    »Sorbitan Monostearate is a partial ester of Stearic Acid with Sorbitol and its mono-and dianhydrides.It yields,upon saponification,not less than 68.0percent and not more than 76.0percent of fatty acids,and not less than 27.0percent and not more than 34.0percent of polyols (w/w).

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    Before World War II, it was first developed by the IG Company (German) with the trade names being Igepol, Leonil and Emulphor. According to their different hydrophilic groups, it can be divided into polyoxyethylene and polyols two categories. 1 Polyoxyethylene: its formula is RO (CH2CH2O)nH.

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    101. 4161-ep2272843a1. 102. 4161-ep2272972a1. 103. 4161-ep2272973a1. 104. 4161-ep2274983a1. 105. 4161-ep2275105a1. 106. 4161-ep2275404a1. 107. 4161-ep2277848a1. 108 ...

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    Know about technical details of Trimellitic Anhydride like: chemical name, chemistry structure, formulation, uses, toxicity, action, side effects and more at Pharmacompass.com.

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    Glycerol Monostearate (90%) is an emulsifier, which facilitates the union of fat molecules with water. It prevents the formation of fat bloom on confectionery and truffles. It is applicable to all types of products with water content, and it is particularly recommended for use in water-fat mixtures.

  • Ingredient Results - Sorbitan Monostearate

    Sorbitan monostearate is used to keep water and oil mixed in many food preparations. It is often used with a polysorbate to increase the emulsifying capabilities of both chemicals. It is sometimes referred to as synthetic wax.

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    Sorbitol | C6H14O6 | CID 5780 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety ...

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    The term sorbitan describes the anhydride form of sorbitol, whose fatty acids are lipophilic whereas sorbitol body is hydrophilic. This bifunctionality in one molecule provides the basic properties useful in cleaners, detergents, polymer additives, and textile industry as emulsifiers, wetting agents, and viscosity modifiers.

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    Test preparation— Transfer about 50mg of Glyceryl Monostearate,accurately weighed,to a glass-stoppered,25-mLconical flask,add by pipet 5mLof Internal standard solution,and mix to dissolve.Immerse the flask in a water bath maintained at a temperature between 45 and 50,and volatilize the chloroform with the aid of a stream of nitrogen.Add 3mLof Propionating reagent,and heat at 75 for 30minutes ...

  • Determination of percent glycerol monostearate in ...

    This method is for the determination of the glycerol monostearate (GMS) content and chemically identical antistatic additives in polypropylene where the additive package is known. The method utilizes a characteristic ester carbonyl band associated with the additive that is common in many other additives.

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    ComWin Fine Chemicals, founded in 2003, is located in Changzhou City, a beautiful historical and cultural city with a thousand years' history. Its manufacturing facility is situated in Changzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Zone.

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