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    The APS Chlorine Dioxide generator is a safe and powerful "State of The Art" system that efficiently reacts precursor chemicals into the most efficient production of pure Chlorine Dioxide. The T3 design utilizes three chemicals Sodium Chlorite, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid.

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    Sodium Chlorite Treatment of Drinking Water with Chlorine Dioxide Introduction Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizing agent, generated from sodium chlorite. Its selective reactivity makes chlorine dioxide useful in many water treating applications for which chlorine and other oxidizing agents are unsuitable.

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    Buy high quality Sodium Chlorite Solution for Chlorine Dioxide Generation Kits. Free shipping.

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    Harness the power of 99% Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Pure Lye. Pure Lye can be used to make a variety of cleaning products, or it can be used on its own as a cleaner. Use 99% Pure Sodium Hydroxide to create soaps and detergents, treat water, clean drains, strip layers of paint or create pulp and paper products. The possibilities are endless!

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    Sodium chlorite | NaClO2 or ClNaO2 | CID 23668197 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological ...

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    Specifically formulated for purity and efficiency of reaction, PureCide 25 is ideal for use in our patented Pure 3 and Pure 2 series generators. Because PureCide is made in our own facility, we maintain tight control so lead-times are extremely short for maximum service levels to meet your demands.

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    Sodium is attributed water hazard class 2, in other words it is a risk when present in water. Sodium chloride however is not a risk and is attributed water hazard class 1. Sodium is a dietary mineral for animals. Plants however hardly contain any sodium. The LC 50 value for gold fish is 157 mg/L. Sodium hypo chlorite from sanitary cleansers may ...

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    Sodium chlorite is used in water treatment and as an industrial disinfectant, but could it have untapped health benefits as well? Learn about the chemical composition of sodium chlorite, its ...

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    The main application of sodium chlorite is the generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper. It is also used for disinfection of municipal water treatment plants after conversion to chlorine dioxide. An advantage in this application, as compared to the more commonly used chlorine,...

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    A strong sodium chlorite solution and water mix can brighten the grout between floor and wall tiles. You can also use a sodium chlorite solution and warm water mix on your rubber shower mat and shower curtain to remove mildew buildup.

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    Sodium chlorite is used commercially to bleach fabrics and paper and to purify and disinfect municipal water. Homeowners use sodium chlorite as an anti-fouling agent for water and a precursor for other flammable or explosive chemicals. There are many different ways to make sodium chlorite.

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    Buy high quality water purification products, sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide kits with Free Shipping.. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality non-toxic sodium chlorite water purification solutions and other all natural products for a healthier Earth and all her inhabitants.

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    Sodium Chlorite may be an effective for relief of toothaches. It can also turn certain metals soluble, making it easier for them to be expelled or processed out. It is a pure white powder and has no fillers, additives or preservatives.

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    Sodium chloride is sometimes used as a cheap and safe desiccant because of its hygroscopic properties, making salting an effective method of food preservation historically; the salt draws water out of bacteria through osmotic pressure, keeping it from reproducing, a major source of food spoilage. Even though more effective desiccants are available, few are safe for humans to ingest.

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    Sodium Chlorite powder, 80% technical grade For non toxic water treatment, food cleaning and surface sanitation. Notes: 80% is the highest concentration available for sodium chlorite due to the way it is manufactured. All sodium chlorite starts off as flakes but is usually ground up to make handling and measuring easier.

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    The Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) In solid form sodium chlorite is unstable and commonly mixed with about 20% sodium chloride. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. For end users in the food and agricultural industries it is available as a 5% solution called Vibrex.

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    Items from listed suppliers of WPS (Sodium chlorite 22.4%,) WPS1 (Chlorine dioxide,) WPS2 (Calcium hypochlorite,) CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution,) DMSO, Calcium bentonite aztec clay, Diatomaceous earth, HCL (Hydrochloric acid,) Indian herb (Black salve,) Seawater (Ocean plasma,) Sodium chlorite flakes and powder, Citric acid, Cl02 test / testing strips, Syringes, Capsules, Glass and plastic ...

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    Sodium chlorite, anhydrous is in the form of slightly hygroscopic crystals or flakes, soluble in water.The hydrated material is in the triclinic leaflets. The chemical formula is NaClO2, and molecular weight is 90.45.

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    In solid form sodium chlorite is unstable and commonly mixed with about 20% sodium chloride. Commercially it is produced and shipped in Australia as a 31% solution in water. For end users in the food and agricultural industries it is available as a 5% solution called Vibrex.


    Sodium Chlorite Product Grades Water, (%) Appearance OxyChem Density @ 25sodium chlorite is an excellent source of chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorite is available in both dry and liquid forms. The dry forms contain approximately 80% Sodium chlorite and the solutions range from 7.5% to 40% sodium chlorite. Both

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    Just The Sodium Chlorite Solution (SCS) SCS is 22.4% strength, which is made with 28% of flakes containing 80% technical grade Sodium Chlorite. Your choice of 4 or 16 fluid Oz. bottles of SCS. The 4 Oz. bottles have a dropper cap and the 16 Oz. bottles have a regular screw on/off cap. Ingredients: 28% Sodium Chlorite, Distilled water.

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    Sodium chlorite, 80%, pure, unstabilized, ACROS Organics 5g; Glass bottle Chemicals:Other Inorganic Compounds:Inorganic Sodium Compounds

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    None of the information or products on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. The owners of this site make no claim that any of the products offered on this site will cure, prevent, diagnose, treat, or in any way mitigate any condition or disease.

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    H2O Air Water Americas 22199 Osborn Rd Higginsville MO 64037. 816 682-6425. Shipping Policy All shipping charges are included in purchase price except for bottles and cap products and any ordered product being shipped to alaska, hawaii or internationally. Please contact customer service for details. Actual shipping charges may vary for these ...

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    PURATE is a unique stabilized solution of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide. The SVP-Pure™ chlorine dioxide generator uses PURATE and sulfuric acid to produce ClO2 on-site that is easily piped to the point of application. No chlorine gas is used or produced in this process.

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    WPS/WPS2/CDS/CDH or Water Purification Solution or 28% Sodium Chlorite is NOT a MEDICINE and is not approved by the FDA or EPA for internal use or to cure any health issue or condition anywhere in the world,this product is sold and approved by the FDA and EPA for water purification purposes only!

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    This is caused from oxidation (oxygen) on the silver. This powder has had this tarnish layer removedto reveal a mirror like finish. This was then filtered out, dried, heated to remove most of the oxygen and then most of the oxidation layer is removed in one final step so that it shines.

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    (Since sodium chlorite powder is only 80% sodium chlorite and cannot be manufactured any more pure than that, THE ACTUAL PERCENTAGE OF SODIUM CHLORITE IN Miracle-Mineral-Supplement IS 22.4%.) (When mixing use 28% sodium chlorite powder by weight and 72% distilled water).

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