• Tutorial: Propylene Glycol (PG) vs. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E ...

    The main applications for Propylene Glycol are solvents, humectants, preservatives in food, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products, and of course e-juice. Background on Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Vegetable Glycerin is an all natural liquid generally extracted from plant oils, in particular, soy, coconut oil, and palm oil.

  • Foods & Drinks With Propylene Glycol | LEAFtv

    Propylene Glycol in Food. Since propylene glycol has numerous properties potentially beneficial to packaged foods, its use is quite common in food products designed to have a long shelf life. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says propylene glycol is "generally recognized as safe" for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Unnecessary Harmful Preservatives | Max and Ruffy's

    This is another widely used chemical preservative that is suspected of causing both liver damage and cancer. Used by the pet food industry to help retain water and give products their unique texture and taste, Propylene glycol is considered by some to lend to the cause of most health problems seen in dogs associated with chemical preservatives.

  • Common Foods and Drinks Hiding the Antifreeze Compound

    Propylene glycol is considered safe by the FDA in small quantities, although it can be toxic in large doses. And it's more common than you think. It's widely used in food and drink products as a thickener and preservative, or to add a little bit of sweetness.

  • Propylene Glycol: Is This Common Food Additive Safe?

    Propylene glycol is also often added to body care products, cosmetics, and medications. Is Propylene Glycol Safe? The safety of propylene glycol depends on the dose and individual susceptibility. So it is possible that if you are 100% healthy, exposure to small amounts once in a blue moon might be okay.

  • Propylene Glycol THC Tincture Recipe by me | Page 2 ...

    so i dont know the chemistry on this but i can say this for a fact.. your e-cigarette tincture will only keep for about a month. thats its shelf life then its just nasty tasting propylene glycol with no effect and no flavor so dont make more then your gonna use in id reccomend a 2 weeks supply once you know how much you will use

  • 9 Other Foods And Products That Contain "Antifreeze"

    9 Other Foods And Products That Contain "Antifreeze" ... Dog and cat food. ... Propylene glycol also acts a preservative in animal food. 7. Deodorant.

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  • 16 Antimicrobial Preservatives | Basicmedical Key

    A 2% to 5% concentration of propylene glycol, though ineffective as a sole preservative, potentiates the effect of a methyl and propyl paraben combination. Various combinations tested were found to be effective against bacteria, molds, and yeast but were ineffective against bacterial spores until they entered the vegetative stage ( 13 ).

  • Propylene Glycol Monoesters | PGME| Baking Ingredients ...

    What are propylene glycol monoesters (PGMEs)? Propylene glycol mono esters are produced by esterification or interesterification of propylene glycol. They can be used as emulsifier for the baking industry, for products such as cakes or non-dairy whipped products.

  • Ethylene Glycol as a wood preservative | Boat Design Net

    Ethylene Glycol as a wood preservative. Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by Trevlyns, Jun 6, 2007. ... VS Propylene glycol, which is ...


    effects of pulsed ultraviolet light on microflora and temperature of propylene glycol cooling medium . by . samet ozturk . a thesis presented to the graduate school of the university of florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science . university of florida . 2013

  • (PDF) The Importance of the Cosolvent Propylene Glycol on the ...

    PDF | The aim of this study was to statistically evaluate the influence of the concentration of the co-solvent propylene glycol on the preservative efficacy of a complex pharmaceutical suspension ...

  • Ruminal Fermentation of Propylene Glycol and Glycerol

    Ruminal Fermentation of Propylene Glycol and Glycerol Abstract Bovine rumen fluid was fermented anaerobically with 25 mMR-propylene glycol,S-propylene glycol, or glycerol added. After 24 h, all of the propylene glycol enantiomers and approximately 80% of the glycerol were metabolized.

  • Propylene glycol - Wikipedia

    Propylene glycol is a compound which is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under 21 CFR x184.1666 and is also approved by FDA for certain uses as an indirect food additive. Propylene glycol is approved and used as a vehicle for topical, oral and some intravenous pharmaceutical preparations in U.S ...

  • Considerations in Using Alternative Preservatives

    Are known preservative potentiators and has some antimicrobial activity (e.g. 10-20% Propylene Glycol and 5 to 20% Butylene Glycol). Are also able to function as a humectant by lowering the water activity of the formulation to aid in preservation of the formulation. Water Solubility: Propylene Glycol - Miscible in water; Butylene Glycol ...

  • Recipe for glycol-borate log preservative. in Timber Framing ...

    It is my understanding that the propylene glycol or ethelyne glycol uses moisture in the log to carry the boric acids throughout the wood, the glycol is a carrier agent only but carries the boric acid much deeper into the log than other spray on preservatives.

  • Mono Propylene Glycol | Solventis

    Mono propylene glycol (also known as propylene glycol, PG, propan1, 2diol and MPG) is a clear, colourless and viscous liquid with a characteristic odour and has the formula C 3 H 8 O. This solvent is soluble in water and holds hygroscopic properties, meaning it has the ability to attract hard water molecules.

  • How to Use Propylene Glycol | Sciencing

    Use propylene glycol as a solvent. Propylene glycol is an ideal solvent to mix chemicals while developing photographic films. Propylene glycol can also be used as a solvent in the manufacture of oral, topical applications and injections for the pharmaceutical industry, because it is insoluble in water.

  • Propylene Glycol - Half Gallon - USP Certified Food Grade ...

    Propylene Glycol - Half Gallon - USP Certified Food Grade - Highest Purity, Humectant, Fog Machine, Humidor & Antifreeze Solution, DIY, ... and preservative for food ...

  • Propylene Glycol — Dog Food Aid or Automotive Antifreeze?

    Propylene glycol is a controversial additive used to help preserve the moisture content in some commercial dog foods. You may already recognize this chemical for its more everyday use — as the key component in newer automotive antifreeze. However, propylene glycol is considerably safer (less toxic ...

  • Anti rot Use of Polyethylene Glycol - WoodenBoat

    Re: Anti rot Use of Polyethylene Glycol Am I right in saying that any antifreeze with the main ingrediant ethylene glycol is is what should be used. I am building a house and have 16 pairs of 100 plus year old french doors with matching shutters that are somewhat exposed.


    Propylene glycol (USP grade) is employed as a humectant,preservative, solvent and lubricant by the food processing and tobacco industries. Propylene glycol is employed as a hygroscopic agent for tobacco.

  • 8 Foods That Share an Ingredient With Antifreeze | TakePart

    Flavored coffees—think nutmeg, French vanilla, pumpkin spice—wouldn't be nearly as tasty without propylene glycol. Instead of adding flavors, such as syrups, during brewing, propylene glycol allows coffee beans to absorb the preservative during the roasting process. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • Table of Safe and Suitable Ingredients: Miscellaneous (May 25 ...

    Table of Safe and Suitable Ingredients: Miscellaneous Update 5/25/2017 For a complete listing refer to FSIS Directive 7120.1 Safe and Suitable Ingredients used in the Production of Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products

  • 10 Scary Facts About Propylene Glycol In Food & Skin Care

    Then they list a few dozen things which are allowed. Some clearly would exclude propylene glycol in food coloring: (d) Colors derived from agricultural products—Must not be produced using synthetic solvents and carrier systems or any artificial preservative. Since it's a synthetic carrier, it wouldn't be allowed.

  • 1. PUBLIC HEALTH STATEMENT - atsdr.cdc.gov

    Waste streams from the manufacture of propylene glycol are primarily responsible for the releases into the air, water, and soil. Propylene glycol can enter the environment when it is used as a runway and aircraft de-icing agent. Propylene glycol can also enter the environment through the disposal of products that contains it.

  • Propylene Glycol: Hidden Chemical In Your Food and Skincare

    The fields where Propylene Glycol grows. What is it used for? Now, there are several reasons I avoid Propylene Glycol: It's produced from fossil fuels, it's a heavily processed chemical that should not be present in food or cosmetics and it could be toxic. Unfortunately, Propylene Glycol is very widely used:

  • 8 foods that contain common anti-freeze ingredient - Step ...

    Propylene glycol keeps ice cream from developing ice crystals. 6. Kibbles: Some forms of kibbles and dog treats contain propylene glycol, which keeps dog food crunchy. 7. Margarine: This unhealthy butter substitute gets its greasy texture from propylene glycol. 8. Soda: Almost all soda contains propylene glycol, as it stops the growth of ...

  • Propylene Glycol in Food: Is This Additive Safe?

    Propylene glycol is a substance commonly used as a food additive or ingredient in many cosmetic and hygiene products. The US and European food authorities have declared it as generally safe for ...

  • What is Propylene Glycol and Why is it in Dog Food? | Keep ...

    What is Propylene Glycol? I don't know beyond that it's an ingredient in anti-freeze. When I did more homework, I learned that it's actually an ingredient in non-toxic anti-freeze and is approved for use in dog food and treats by the FDA.

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