• Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass, 2nd Edition ...

    Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass is a valuable resource for academics, industrial scientists and policy-makers working in the areas of industrial biotechnology, biorenewables, chemical engineering, fine and bulk chemical production, agriculture technologies, plant science, and energy and power generation.

  • Furfural CAS#: 98-01-1 - ChemicalBook---Chemical Search Engine

    Furfural is an essential renewable, non-petroleum based, chemical feedstock which is primarily composed of various agricultural byproducts, including oat husks, wheat bran, corncobs, and sawdust. Chemically, furfural is an organic compound belonging to an aldehyde of furan with the odor of almonds.

  • Furfural | C5H4O2 | ChemSpider

    colourless to reddish-brown oily liquid with almond odour Oxford University Chemical Safety Data (No longer updated) Colourless to yellow oily liquid which browns on storage, pungent, sweet, bread-like, caramellic, cinnamon-almond-like flavour, odour resembles benzaldehyde Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2-Furfuraldehyde

  • Furfural | Definition of Furfural by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of furfural. : a liquid aldehyde C5H4O2 of penetrating odor that is usually made from plant materials and used especially in making furan or phenolic resins and as a solvent.

  • Value of Coproduction of Ethanol and Furfural from Acid ...

    Furfural is the common name for 2-furaldehyde, a derivative of furan. Furfural is a widely used chemical intermediate, but unlike many chemical intermediates, a compet-itive hydrocarbon-based process for its production has never been found (18). Instead, it is produced from the five-carbon sugars, especially xylose, which make up 25% or more 5

  • Furfural | definition of furfural by Medical dictionary

    pentosaceus was able to metabolize 5hydroxymethyl furfural and furfural up to concentrations of 1 and 0. Current trends in bioethanol production by saccharomyces cerevisiae: substrate, inhibitor reduction, growth variables, coculture, and immobilization

  • Furfural Derivatives Market is to Reach US$ 2.4 Bn by 2026

    Furfural is a solvent produced by the acid hydrolysis of pentosan, which are present in biomasses such as bagasse, corn cobs, rice hulls, and oats hulls. Furfural is a clear, odorless, colorless liquid with the 'almond-benzaldehyde' odor. The color of furfural darkens to a dark red/brown when exposed to sunlight in presence of oxygen.

  • TFC, the leading chemical manufacturer of furfuryl alcohol.

    TransFurans Chemicals is the leading chemical manufacturer of furfuryl alcohol, the most significant derivative of furfural. This reactive alcohol has determined the success of this biomass-based chemical industry. For over 30 years this renewable chemical plays a vital role in the production of foundry sand binders. At our Belgian

  • Literature Review on Furfural Production from Lignocellulosic ...

    zation in the production of several bioproducts such as furfural, which can be used in diverse applications and used in the pro duction of other important chemicals. Therefore, this article has the purpose of analyzing applic a-tions and different production methods for furfural from lignocellulosic biomass. A review about the chemical

  • Furfural definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    Furfural definition: a colorless, sweet-smelling oily liquid, C 4 H 3 OCHO, produced from corncobs, oat hulls... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  • furfural - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

    furfural: 1 n a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor; made from plant hulls and corncobs; used in making furan and as a solvent Synonyms: furfuraldehyde Type of: aldehyde any of a class of highly reactive chemical compounds; used in making resins and dyes and organic acids plant product a product made from plant material

  • Preparation of furfural and reaction kinetics of xylose ...

    Furfural, which is readily obtained from renewable biomass, is a key biomass-derived chemical that can be used to replace petrochemicals (Dias et al. 2005a; Lichtenthaler 1998). In addition, furfural is a common industrial solvent and an intermediate for preparation of fine-chemical products, resins/plastics, and biofuel (Climent et al. 2011 ...

  • Furfural | Definition of Furfural at Dictionary.com

    A colorless, sweet-smelling, liquid made from corncobs and used as a solvent in petroleum refining and as a fungicide and weed killer. It turns reddish brown when exposed to air and light. Furfural is an aldehyde of furan. Chemical formula: C 5 H 4 O 2.

  • 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) in Organic Synthesis: A Review ...

    Background: 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) is a biomass-derived platform chemical, which can be produced from carbohydrates. In the past decades, 5- HMF has received tremendous attention because of its wide applications in the production of various value-added chemicals, materials and biofuels.

  • Top Value Added Chemicals from Biomass - NREL

    Top Value Added Chemicals from Biomass Volume I—Results of Screening for Potential Candidates from Sugars and Synthesis Gas Produced by the Staff at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Office of Biomass Program (EERE) For the Office of the Biomass Program T. Werpy and G. Petersen, Editors

  • IFC, supplier in furfural and furfuryl alcohol.

    International Furan Chemicals (IFC), located in the Netherlands, is supplier in furfural and furfuryl alcohol and has the exclusive use and distribution rights of furfural produced in the Dominican Republic.

  • What is Furfural? - Uses, Structure & Production | Study.com

    Furfural is an aldehyde of furan and is a yellow oily liquid in pure form, but tends to turn brown upon prolonged exposure to air and moisture. An aldehyde is an organic functional group that has ...

  • Furfural - definition of furfural by The Free Dictionary

    furfural - a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor; made from plant hulls and corncobs; used in making furan and as a solvent. furfuraldehyde. aldehyde - any of a class of highly reactive chemical compounds; used in making resins and dyes and organic acids. plant product - a product made from plant material.

  • 5-methyl furfural, 620-02-0 - The Good Scents Company

    Fine chemical high-tech company which contains R&D, production, and sales. BEIJING LYS CHEMICALS CO, LTD, established in 2004, is a fine chemical high-tech company which contains R&D, production, and sales. We mainly engaged in export and technology development of flavor and fragrance materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • furfural | Uses, Structure, Definition, & Production ...

    Furfural. It is employed extensively in the manufacture of resin-bonded abrasive wheels and for the purification of butadiene needed for the production of synthetic rubber. The manufacture of nylon requires hexamethylenediamine, of which furfural is an important source. Condensation with phenol provides furfural-phenolic resins for a variety of uses.

  • Catalysis with renewables & platform chemicals

    Dr. Sergey Tin. Oil is the dominant feedstock for the chemical industry. In view of the limited supply of fossil resources, however, this era is coming to an end and research on the conversion of renewable feedstocks into bulk and fine chemicals has gained extraordinary importance, especially the catalytic conversion of inedible plant material, such as cellulose, lignin or lignocellulose.

  • Hydroxymethylfurfural - Wikipedia

    Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), also 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural, is an organic compound formed by the dehydration of certain sugars. It is a white low-melting solid (although commercial samples are often yellow) which is highly soluble in both water and organic solvents.

  • furfural | 98-01-1 supplier and manufacturer - BuyersGuideChem

    The products involved fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates, cosmetic raw materials and so on. Xingrui Industry Co., Limited is supplier for furfural. The company is ranked among the outstanding producers in the fine chemical industry.

  • Furfural, 99% | C5H4O2 | Sigma-Aldrich

    Furfural has been employed as a standard for the HPLC quantification of furfural in the autohydrolysate liquor obtained from microwave-irradiated maize bran. It may be used in the preparation of γ-valerolactone (GVL) and biofuel 2-methylfuran (51% yield).

  • Furfural: Future Feedstock for Fuels and Chemicals ...

    Furfural is an almond-scented, oily, colorless liquid that turns yellow to dark brown when exposed to air. It is used as a solvent for refining lubricating oils, as a fungicide and weed killer and in the production of tetrahydrofuran, an important industrial solvent.

  • Furfuryl alcohol - Wikipedia

    Furfuryl alcohol is an organic compound containing a furan substituted with a hydroxymethyl group. It is a colorless liquid, but aged samples appear amber. It possesses a faint odor of burning and a bitter taste. It is miscible with but unstable in water. It is soluble in common organic solvents.

  • Chemicals from renewable feedstocks - AccessScience from ...

    To use the different components as raw materials or intermediates, appropriate and economical processing technologies should be available in biorefineries by integrating the essential physical, chemical, and biological processes to convert natural raw materials to products such as basic chemicals, intermediates, fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

  • FURFURAL HAZARD SUMMARY Furfural - New Jersey

    Furfural is a colorless, oily liquid that turns reddish brown on exposure to light and air. It is used in making chemicals, as a solvent in petroleum refining, a fungicide, and a weed killer.

  • Furfural - Wikipedia

    Furfural is an important renewable, non-petroleum based, chemical feedstock. It can be converted into a variety of solvents, polymers, fuels and other useful chemicals by a range of catalytic reductions .

  • Furfural production from biomass pretreatment hydrolysate ...

    By using hydrochloric acid as the catalyst, Chheda et al., were able to achieve approximately 65% furfural yield under 170 °C reaction temperature (Chheda et al., 2007), while Weingarten et al., estimated that based on their chemical kinetics analysis the furfural yield could reach up to 85% in a biphasic reaction system (Weingarten et al., 2011).

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