• Neoalkoxy Titanate and Zirconate Coupling Agent Additives in ...

    Neoalkoxy Titanate and Zirconate Coupling Agent Additives in Thermoplastics • Reduce the recrystallization time and increase the polymer flow at lower temperatures resulting in faster extrusion, blow and injection mold cycle times and better quality parts as measured by strength, impact, aging, acid and salt spray

  • Coupling agent | Article about coupling agent by The Free ...

    This latter phase develops as a result of the dual reactivity of a silane coupling agent, (YRSi[X.sub.3]), a bifunctional molecule capable of reacting with the silanol groups of glass or ceramic fillers via its silane functional group (-Si[X.sub.3]) to form Si-O-Si- bonds to filler surfaces, and also with the resin phase by graft copolymerization via its Y functional group, usually a ...

  • Ultrasound Gels and Coupling Agents - electrotherapy.org

    Ultrasound Transmissivity through Coupling Agents (Gels) in the UK Ultrasound Transmission through Wound Dressings Ultrasound Transmission through Drug Based Gels . Ultrasound Gel Transmissivity Studies. There has been a substantial debate over the years with regards the efficacy of several types of coupling media used with therapeutic ultrasound.

  • Silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in dentistry

    It is not an exaggeration to claim that silane coupling agents have wide application in industry, dentistry and medicine and will play an important role in biomaterials science. This review is based on the article "Aspects of silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in dentistry: An overview", Dental Materials, 28 (2012): 467–77.

  • Motor cognition - Wikipedia

    Perception-action coupling. The idea of a continuity between the different aspects of motor cognition is not new. In fact, this idea can be traced to the work of the American psychologist William James and more recently, American neurophysiologist and Nobel prize winner Roger Sperry.

  • Social Agent - Tool/Concept/Definition - thwink.org

    An agent is an independent entity with the ability to pursue a goal. A social agent is an agent in the human system, such a people, nations, organizations, cultures, and ideologies. Why this is important. Thinking in terms of social agent types instead of individual people, organizations, and such allows a higher, more powerful level of ...

  • Coupling Agents in Therapeutic Ultrasound: Acoustic and ...

    The effectiveness of ultrasonic therapy is influenced by its application parameters such as intensity, frequency, continuous or pulsed current, time of irradia- tion, and type of coupling agent.

  • Coupling Synonyms, Coupling Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

    58 synonyms of coupling from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 74 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for coupling.

  • Enaction and Psychology - Ezequiel Di Paolo

    processes, means that an enactive psychology is more interested in the dynamics of coupling between an agent and its environment than the stipulation of the characteristics of either. The idea of coupling is quite simply the mutual influence between the agent and the environment from which emerges the meaningful behavior

  • Coupling Reagents - Bachem

    Coupling Reagents 2 COUPLING REAGENTS AND ADDITIVES OFFERED BY BACHEM The coupling reaction i.e. the formation of an amide bond between amino acids and/or peptides is the crucial step in

  • Coupling - definition of coupling by The Free Dictionary

    Define coupling. coupling synonyms, coupling pronunciation, coupling translation, English dictionary definition of coupling. n. 1. The act of linking together or forming couples. 2. The act of uniting sexually. 3. A device that links or connects. 4. Electronics The transfer of...

  • Coupling agents in therapeutic ultrasound: acoustic and ...

    In fact, only 1 study was found on white petrolatum10 as a coupling agent; that study pointed out its null transmissivity, which might account for the feeling of transducer warmth during therapeutic application. Furthermore, other studies4, 11 have shown that, compared with other coupling media, gel has better transmissivity features.

  • Brain-to-Brain coupling: A mechanism for creating and sharing ...

    Brain-to-brain coupling also relies on stimulus-to-brain coupling as a vehicle for conveying information. However, in brain-to-brain coupling, the signal is generated by another brain and body that resemble our own, rather than by inanimate objects in the physical environment (Figure 1B).

  • What is the difference between compatibilizer and coupling ...

    Though the function of a compatibilizer and a coupling agent is the similar of bringing the components closer to one another, the usage of this terminology is not common in the case of composites.

  • Coupling | Definition of Coupling by Merriam-Webster

    Coupling definition is - the act of bringing or coming together : pairing; specifically : sexual union. How to use coupling in a sentence.

  • Coupling and Culture | Psychology Today

    Verified by Psychology Today. Rosemary Joyce Ph.D. What Makes Us Human. Coupling and Culture What has marriage been "since the beginning of human history?" Posted Feb 04, 2012 . SHARE.

  • Countersuggestion | definition of countersuggestion by ...

    countersuggestion: A technique in psychotherapy of negativistic—'negative'—patients, in which the therapist deliberately suggests the opposite of what is intended

  • Coupling Agents - BYK Additives & Instruments

    So-called "coupling agents" are used to provide better mechanical properties to filled plastic materials. The additive contains a multitude of two different types of functional groups. One type of these groups is capable of developing a bond on the fillers being used, while the other type reacts with the surrounding polymer matrix.

  • Effect of Titanate Coupling Agent on the Mechanical ...

    Keywords: Titanate coupling agent, Mechanical properties, Talc, Polypropylene, Composites, Filler, Particle Sizes INTRODUCTION One of the areas of development is the combination of mineral fillers with thermoplastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene (Mittal, et al. 2006).

  • The Way We Spend Impacts How We Spend | Psychology Today

    The Way We Spend Impacts How We Spend How the pain of paying impacts our experiences and how much we spend. Posted Jul 10, 2012

  • Coupling Agents | Gelest, Inc.

    One of the most prolific applications of organosilicon compounds is their use as coupling agents. A coupling agent is defined as a compound which provides a chemical bond between two dissimilar materials, usually an inorganic and an organic.

  • Effect of coupling agents on reinforcing potential of ...

    The dependency of fracture morphology on coupling agent type will affect the composite mechanical performance, and it can be seen from Fig. 4 that each coupling agent exhibits a somewhat different improvement in strength. This can be explained by considering the material properties of the coupling agents and the way they interact with the fibre ...

  • Coupling reaction - Wikipedia

    A coupling reaction in organic chemistry is a general term for a variety of reactions where two fragments are joined together with the aid of a metal catalyst.In one important reaction type, a main group organometallic compound of the type R-M (R = organic fragment, M = main group center) reacts with an organic halide of the type R'-X with formation of a new carbon-carbon bond in the product R-R'.

  • What is AGENT? definition of AGENT (Psychology Dictionary)

    Psychology Definition of AGENT: 1. an individual or organization which functions or has the ability to function. 2. an individual that functions on the part of someone else or of an organ

  • Coupling agent legal definition of coupling agent

    According to the principles of interface coupling [23], the hydrophilic group of a silane coupling agent is expected to chemically react with the hydroxy group on the surface of wollastonite (Scheme 1), and the hydrophobic group has a certain degree of compatibility with the PEEK matrix.

  • Coupling agent | definition of coupling agent by Medical ...

    coupling agent: ( kŭp'ling ā'jĕnt ) A gel or lotion used to improve contact and reduce friction between transducer and skin during ultrasound examinations and treatments.

  • Coupling - ChemicalBook

    Silane coupling agent can also be used for polyolefin cross-linking or directly used for plastic, rubber blending modification or thickening. Titanate coupling agent Titanate coupling agent is a novel type of coupling agent developed by the Kenrich Petroleum Chemical Company (United state) in 1975.

  • Application Examples Of Coupling Agent - Silicone Surfactant

    Application Examples Of Coupling Agent. Jan 6, 2015. Coupling agent as the "molecular bridge" to improve the interface interaction between inorganic and organic matter, improve the performance of the composite, has been widely used in many industrial fields. Here let us to understand some application examples.

  • Coupling agent - definition of coupling agent by The Free ...

    Define coupling agent. coupling agent synonyms, coupling agent pronunciation, coupling agent translation, English dictionary definition of coupling agent. n. 1.

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