• Natural care for your dog's teeth | Animal Wellness Magazine

    Submission Guidelines. Thank you for your interest in writing for Animal Wellness. As the #1 natural health magazine for pets in North America, we take pride in providing our readers with the information they need to make wise health care choices for their animal companions.

  • Methigel Urinary Acidifier for Dogs and Cats | VetDepot.com

    Methigel is a urinary acidifier for dogs and cats that works as a supplemental source of Methionine. Methigel pet meds help maintain an acidic urine which prevents urinary tract infections (cystitis).

  • Decoding the Ingredients in Dry Dog Food | Keep the Tail Wagging

    In this post, I attempt to explain the ingredients in dry dog food in a way that is clear for dog parents; it's like reading a different language.

  • What are the chances of my two unrelated dogs both getting ...

    About corn and wheat or even rice: they are all digestible by dogs and cats when fully cooked [although, cats and dogs do not need much carbohydrates] [I think they are used to up the calories rather than using fats that are more difficult to preserve and can be problematic for older animals or those with pancreatic-related problems.] .

  • What beneficial compounds are primarily found in animal ...

    What beneficial compounds are primarily found in animal products? ... Carnosine, which is commonly supplemented as the similar compound Beta-Alanine.

  • Fuciderm | Fuciderm Gel | Fuciderm for 🐶 Dogs | Fuciderm ...

    Isaderm Gel (previously called Fuciderm Gel) is a skin gel used to treat infected and itchy skin problems in dogs. Isaderm contains an antibiotic (fusidic acid) and a steroid (betamethasone) which between them can kill infection and relieve itching.

  • Frontline, do you use it? | BackYard Chickens

    One thing that you get with the name brand products, at least if you buy them from your vet, that you won't get with something from the feed store is a guarantee that the product will work and reimbursement for veterinary bills if the product fails.

  • FUS-SOL Drops - Urine Acidifier for Dogs and Cats | VetRxDirect

    FUS-SOL Drops for Dogs and Cats. Fus-Sol is a medication for use in dogs and cats that works to acidify urine. It contains ammonium chloride, dl-methionine, and b-complex vitamins. If your pet has been diagnosed with a urinary problem, such as the formation of stones, your veterinarian may prescribe a urinary acidifier such as Fus-Sol.

  • Buffer Gel for Animal Use - Drugs.com

    SUGGESTED USE: Buffer Gel contains Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Oxide and certain vitamins to help maintain normal rumen pH and appetite. Give to any animal when changing ration, feeding wet grain or silage, or when off feed or freshening.

  • Digestive Enzymes For Dogs - doggysdigest.com

    Dogs today do not produce a lot of amylase because of their primary diet – meat. Their ancestors used to hunt their prey. They would eat the animal's digestive tract which contained enzymes. As you know, today's domesticated dogs no longer hunt for food. An absolute depletion of enzymes is dangerous.

  • Methigel Urinary Acidifier For Cats and Dogs - 1800PetMeds

    1800PetMeds offers Methigel Urinary Acidifier for dogs and cats at the most affordable prices. Get the cheapest deals on all kinds of urinary acidifiers for pets at the largest pet store in America.

  • DL-Methionine for Dogs and Cats - Urine Acidifier | VetRxDirect

    DL-Methionine Tablets for use as a urinary acidifier in cats and dogs. Methionine is commonly used to acidify the urine and is not recommended for kittens or animals with renal failure, pancreatic disease, or liver insufficiency. Acidifying the urine may help prevent and treat certain

  • Canine dosage for Aluminum hydroxide - Dogs - MedHelp

    I need to know the recommended canine dosage for 99% pure Aluminum Hydroxide per kilo of body weight. Our pet is not reacting to Epatikin as we hoped. Her BUN is still very high even after a month of using the epatikin. There is lots of info for felines but not so much for canines ...

  • RES 202 Final Review Flashcards | Quizlet

    Start studying RES 202 Final Review. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

  • What Are the Treatments for Canine Acid Reflux? - Pets

    Most of us know the discomfort of acid reflux -- in fact, a Norwegian study found a 50 percent increase of this condition since 2000. Unfortunately, dogs can also fall victim to it. Along with talking to your vet about treatments, there are some at-home options you can consider.

  • Aluminum Hydroxide Oral Liquid compounded for dogs and cats.

    Aluminum Hydroxide Oral Liquid compounded for dogs and cats. Oral Antacid and Phosphate Binder for dogs and cats. Aluminum Hydroxide Oral liquid compounded for dogs and cats is commonly prescribed to decrease hyperphosphatemia in patients with renal failure when dietary phosphorus restriction fails to control serum phosphorus concentrations in the standard realm.

  • Phosphoric Acid in dog food | All About Dog Food

    Phosphoric Acid in dog food Phosphoric acid (E338) is a clear, colourless liquid that is added to foods primarily as an acidifier but is also used effectively as a flavouring, emulsifier and to prevent discolouration.


    / urimav 400mg urine acidifier for dogs and cats x 100 tablets ; urimav 400mg urine acidifier for dogs and cats x 100 tablets . read reviews write reviews. au$30.15 .

  • Can boric acid wash be used for dogs? If so, how much to ...

    Can boric acid wash be used for dogs? If so, how much to dilute and how best to apply it? - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian

  • Ingredients in Use: Acidifiers Find Functions

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  • How to Care for Dogs with Battery Acid Ingestion | Cuteness

    Battery acid is hazardous to dogs. If you believe your dog has ingested a battery or battery acid, seek immediate veterinary care. Your veterinarian will need to determine how much battery acid your pet has ingested, how ill your dog actually is as a result of the ingestion and what the best treatment will be.


    in one group of dogs, whereas the second group was fed fee choice for life. Os-teoarthritis occurred less frequently and occurred later in life in dogs fed a diet restricted in energy compared with dogs that were fed free choice [18]. Accordingly, large-breed puppy foods contain an energy density of approx-

  • I have a Bischon that has a problem with warts. She has had ...

    I have a Bischon that has a problem with warts. She has had some removed because they were bothering her and started to bleed. My question is this, Is there anything I could give her either topically or orally that would help this condition?

  • Veterinary 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation, USP for Animal ...

    Learn about Veterinary 0.9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation, USP for animal usage including: active ingredients, directions for use, precautions, and storage information.

  • Millpledge Uri-Balance Urinary Acidifier for 🐶 Dogs & 🐱 Cats

    Millpledge Uri-Balance Urinary Acidifier for Dogs & Cats is available online with fast delivery from VioVet, the trusted supplier of veterinary medication, foods and animal care products.

  • Amino Acids Oral : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures ...

    Find patient medical information for Amino Acids Oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings.

  • Aluminum Hydroxide | VCA Animal Hospital

    Aluminum hydroxide is commonly used off label to treat high phosphate levels in pets with kidney disease. It is given by mouth, with meals, in the form of a liquid gel, powder, or a compounded capsule.

  • Methigel Urinary Acidifier Oral Gel For Dogs & Cats | Pet ...

    Methigel is a urinary acidifier for dogs and cats. Contains a palatable supplemental source of Methionine which aids in maintaining an acid urine. Given as a preventative and treatment for urinary tract infections [cystitis].

  • Phosphorus Binders For Dogs or Cats With Kidney Disease ...

    It's important to control phosphorus levels for dogs with kidney disease. The goal is to maintain blood phosphorus levels below 4.5 for dogs with early-stage kidney disease (creatinine up to 2.0), 5.0 for dogs with moderate-stage kidney disease (creatinine 2.1 - 5.0), and 6.0 for dogs with late-stage kidney disease (creatinine > 5.0).

  • Acidifier as an Alternative Material to Antibiotics in Animal ...

    acidifier could induce increased activity of proteolytic enzymes. Scipioni et al. (1978) reported a reduction in stomach pH from 4.6 to 3.5 by 1% citric acid and from 4.6 to 4.2 by 0.7% fumaric acid additions. Some studies also documented that dietary acidifier significantly reduced gastric pH (Giesting and Easter, 1985; Bolduan et al.,

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