• Angelica Benefits, Side Effects and Uses of Its Root

    Angelica Root Uses, Benefits and Side Effects. The Vikings were aware of the medicinal properties of the plant, and it is mentioned in the Icelandic sagas. In Norway, the plant was cultivated in medicinal herb gardens, and it was probably the first medicinal plant that was exported from the Nordic countries to the rest of Europe.

  • Dong Quai Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage ...

    Benefits of Dong Quai Extract. Dong quai has a long history of use among a number of different cultures. Some of its benefits include: Manages Menstrual Problems. Research shows dong quai has an estrogenic effect and may help with menstrual problems like cramping, irregular or delayed flows and premenstrual syndrome.

  • Dong Quai: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions ... - webmd.com

    The aqueous extract of a popular herbal nutrient supplement, Angelica sinensis, protects mice against lethal endotoxemia and sepsis. J Nutr 2006;136:360-5. View abstract.

  • Angelica Uses, Benefits & Dosage - Drugs.com Herbal Database

    Angelica root typically is given at doses of 3 to 6 g/day of the crude root, but clinical trials are lacking regarding dosage recommendations. Contraindications. Crude fruit extract is not recommended; safety and efficacy have not been established. Pregnancy/Lactation. Avoid use. Adverse effects and emmenagogue effects have been documented. Interactions

  • Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis): Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

    Dong quai (Angelica sinensis, Chinese Angelica, Tang Kuei, Tan Kue Bai Zhi, Tanggwi, Toki, Angelica China, female Ginseng) is an herbal supplement purported to treat premature ejaculations, premenstrual syndrome, symptoms of menopause, menstrual cramps, anemia, constipation, skin discoloration, joint aches and pains, ulcers, and high blood ...

  • Dang Gui (Radix Angelica Sinensis): The Benefits, Dosage ...

    Dang Gui (Radix Angelica Sinensis): The Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects What is Dang Gui? Dang Gui, also known as Chinese Angelica Root, Female Ginseng, Dong Quai and its scientific name Radix Angelica sinensis, is an herb that is indigenous to the high altitude and mountainous regions of China, Japan, and Korea.

  • Angelica: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects ... - RxList

    Angelica root seems to be safe for most adults when used as a cream, short-term. If you take angelica, wear sunblock outside, especially if you are light-skinned. Angelica might make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Angelica may not be safe when taken by mouth during pregnancy ...

  • 10 Amazing Benefits of Angelica Gigas - SelfHacked

    Health Benefits of Angelica 1) Improves Symptoms of Menopause. Angelica was traditionally used to treat irregular menstrual flow and menopausal symptoms . The hot water extract of Angelica has high estrogenic activity .

  • The Methanol Extract of Angelica sinensis Induces Cell ...

    The methanol extract of Angelica sinensis (AS-M) is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat several diseases, such as gastric mucosal damage, hepatic injury, menopausal symptoms, and chronic glomerulonephritis. AS-M also displays potency in suppressing the growth of malignant brain tumor cells.

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    Dong Quai Root (angelica sinensis) is a traditional Chinese herb that has amazing benefits for both men and women. Dong Quai Root is primarily known for treating women's problems including libido, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptoms, irregular menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and more.

  • Angelica Archangelica Plant Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

    What is the Angelica Archangelica plant used for in traditional herbal Chinese medicine and how does it work? Effects, benefits, dosages, side effects and safety review of Angelica root extract supplements. Where to buy this herb online in raw power, tea or oral tablet form plus how to use safely.

  • Angelica sinensis - Wikipedia

    Angelica sinensis, commonly known as dong quai( Chinese : ) or "female ginseng" is a herb from the family Apiaceae, indigenous to China. Angelica sinensis grows in cool high altitude mountains in China, Japan, and Korea. The yellowish brown root of the plant is harvested in fall and is a well-known Chinese medicine used over thousands ...

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    Dong Quai Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Organic Chinese Angelica (Angelica sinensis) Dried Root Glycerite Hawaii Pharm Natural Herbal Supplement 4 oz 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $29.95 $ 29 . 95 ($7.49/Fl Oz)

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    Sometimes this is done to cause an abortion. Angelica is also used to increase urine production, improve sex drive, stimulate the production and secretion of phlegm, and kill germs. Some people apply angelica directly to the skin for nerve pain (neuralgia), joint pain (rheumatism), and skin disorders.

  • Dong Quai Herb Benefits and Side Effects

    The root of Angelica sinensis contains active compounds that increase the cardiac rest period between heartbeats and relax blood pressure inside the arteries which in turn helps to increase blood flow. Dong quai may reduce spasms in the smooth muscles around the arteries which could help improve blood flow to the veins.

  • Dong Quai / Angelica Benefits & Information (Angelica sinensis)

    Dong Quai / Angelica Benefits Dong Quai ( Angelica sinensis ) is also known as Chinese Angelica and is primarily known for its uses in treating women's problems including lack of sexual desire, the symptoms of menopause, cramps and PMS.

  • Is Angelica archangelica the same as Dong Quai (Angelica ...

    Is this herb the same as Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis)?" — Mary M., Tampa, FL. A. Dear Mary, While their botanical names are similar, they are not the same. The angelica I recommend (Angelica archangelica) grows in Iceland. Angelica archangelica has been used in folk medicine for centuries - the Vikings even used this herb as a form of ...

  • Angelica Sinensis Extract Benefits Chart - Image Results

  • 6 Surprising Benefits Of Angelica Herb For Skin, Hair And Health

    Health Benefits Of Angelica. There are many health benefits of angelica. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of angelica: 4. Eases PMS Symptoms: Using angelica can prove to be a blessing for women suffering from menstrual cramps. It helps to balance the level of hormones, which in turn provides relief from severe pains. 5. Helps Digestion:

  • Angelica Sinensis - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    3.4 Angelica sinensis. Angelica sinensis (A. sinensis) (Table 3) is a well-known Chinese herbal medicine that has been used as a nourishing and hematopoietic agent for the treatment of gynecological diseases 61 for thousands of years. Recent studies have shown that polysaccharides in A. sinensis (APS) are the main bioactive components with ...

  • Dong Quai Uses + 6 Benefits of This Ancient Chinese Remedy ...

    Another 2016 study also confirmed these benefits on blood sugar, showing that administering dong quai extract to rats on a high-fat diet helped reduce blood sugar levels. Eating plenty of fiber, staying well-hydrated and keeping your carb intake under control are just a few other ways to keep blood sugar levels in check. 3. May Promote Heart Health

  • World Health Organisation (WHO) REPORT ON Angelica Sinensis

    World Health Organisation (WHO) REPORT ON Angelica Sinensis Medicinal uses Uses supported by clinical data None. Although Radix Angelicae Sinensis has been alleged to be useful for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial concluded that 4.5 g of the root daily for 24

  • Anti-Osteoporotic Effects of Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels ...

    Angelica sinensis root is one of the herbs most commonly used in China; it is also often included in dietary supplements for menopause in Europe and North America. In the present study, we examined the anti-osteoporotic effects of A. sinensis extract in an ovariectomized (OVX) rat model of osteoporosis as well as toxicity of the extract after repeated oral administration.

  • Dong quai Information | Mount Sinai - New York

    Dong quai (Angelica sinensis) root has been used for more than one thousand years as a spice, tonic, and medicine in China, Korea, and Japan.It is still used often in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it is usually combined with other herbs.

  • 15 Benefits of Angelica Root for Health (#1 Top Herbal Cure ...

    The benefits of Angelica Root (dong quai) for health include: 1. Maintain a hormonal balance. For centuries, dong quai is believed to be able to maintain hormonal balance for women. Dong quai extract will improve estrogen hormone profile and make all body systems work normally.

  • Dang Quai Angelica Sinensis Tanqwei 100 capsules worldwide

    History of Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis) extract. Dong Quai is the dried and sliced root of Chinese Angelica, a sturdy perennial plant that is native to China and Japan, and when cultivated, may reach a height of up to six feet, bearing bright green leaves and clusters of white flowers.

  • Angelica facts and health benefits

    Health benefits of Angelica. Angelica is recommended by many modern as well as ancient writers for use in skin care. Angelica contains nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, valeric acid, volatile oils and many others, which are helpful for the natural treatment of various skin conditions.

  • Dong Quai Uses, Benefits & Dosage - Drugs.com

    The oral median lethal dose (LD 50) of concentrated dong quai extract has been estimated at 100 mg/kg. Intravenous administration of 1 mL/kg of the essential oil in rabbits resulted in hypotension and respiratory suppression. Phenol and certain furocoumarin groups found in dong quai have demonstrated cytotoxic properties.Yang 2002. Index Terms

  • Dong Quai: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and Interactions

    Dong Quai and Breast Cancer. Some research indicates that dong quai may be harmful to women with breast cancer or at high risk for the disease. In a study published in Menopause in 2005, for instance, tests on cells in culture demonstrated that dong quai may promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

  • Angelica gigas Supplement - Science-based Review on Benefits ...

    Angelica gigas extract appears to have antiandrogenic properties in prostate cells (via suppressing PSA secretion) with an IC 50 value around 1μg/mL, this is thought to be due to decursin which has an IC 50 value of around 400ng/mL (1.3μM) which is a potency exceeding bicalutamide.

  • Dong quai benefits and side effects - BodyNutrition

    Angelica gigas or Korean angelica is the type of dong quai native to Korea. There are two other variants of this herb, namely 'angelica sinensis' or Chinese angelica and 'angelica acutiloba'. All three variants are native to East Asia, where they have been actively cultivated for many years.

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